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Samson is a San Diego native who just recently returned after growing up in a snowy part of the country. Once he got back to town he started looking for some ways to make extra money and porn seemed like a way to kill two birds with one stone.

"I like sex. I'm a pretty sexual person," he explained, "and I'm low on money so it seemed like a good medium ground for that."

Samson was on the track team growing up. Not one for football, he said with a laugh, being a pretty lean guy. Once his clothes were off, I commented on his big balls. Girls, he said, are always commenting on them, too.

After he got to stroking I could see why they were so low-hanging. Samson liked to grab them and pull while the other hand worked his shaft backhand.

After we first spoke on the phone, Samson took to heart my advice to save up for the shoot. He showed up with 4 days of nut stored in his balls and couldn't wait to unload. Once he got the go-ahead, Samson lifted a leg up giving a nice view of his ass and taint and let the cum fly clear up his abs in a gasping finish.

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Runtime: 16:38