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Sutter is from a small town in the middle of the country who made his way to So Cal courtesy of the military. After getting out of the Navy and going through a divorce, he figured now would be a good time to give porn a shot. He even ran the idea by a buddy who told him to go for it, partly because he was jealous that he couldn't do it, too (his buddy's wife would have frowned on the idea.)

When we caught up on the phone, Sutter was ready to get started that day. He laughed when I recalled the conversation about him champing at the bit. But after talking some more I could understand why he was so ready to roll. He hadn't jerked off in 2 weeks!

This made things go pretty smoothly once he'd peeled off his clothes; Sutter was rock hard within seconds. And, boy, was he a "grower" -- 8 inches long and 6 around. But since he was so horny, he was barely able to keep it together without cumming too soon. Listen carefully and you'll hear him whisper a quiet "Whoa..." to himself when he was getting too close.

Once Sutter got the go-ahead, he barely had to stroke more than 3-4 times before he let it fly. And, wow, did it ever! Huge streams of cum flew everywhere as he released a well-earned nut.

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Runtime: 20:32