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When I hit up Foster about doing a massage scene, he replied with a not-very-convincing, "I'll think about it." After a couple weeks had gone by and no word, I figured he was going to pass on it. Imagine my surprise when a text popped up asking when we could set it up.

And then came the next bit of news: he had shaved his pubes. So another couple weeks were going to pass before the big day would come. Foster had never gotten a happy-ending before, let alone done anything with a guy. There was a real chance that he would change his mind. But a friend who he'd told about getting into porn told him to go for it.

Foster showed up looking a bit nervous. When I asked him how he was feeling about things, his response was matter-of-fact.

"I think if I close my eyes it would feel just like a woman was doing it."

Hey, a hand is a hand.

Getting over that mental hurdle took a minute, but whatever was going through Foster's head seemed to be working. A few strokes and his cock was standing at full mast. As I ramped up the jerking to get to the finish line, there was almost no reaction; apparently he was very deep in concentration. Out of nowhere, his body clenched up. Foster let out a deep moan while his 2-day load ran down my hand.

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