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Robert turned 21 just last month and decided to do something he'd been thinking about for years: drop his pants for the world to see. He's a quiet one who hadn't told a soul about getting naked on camera. He blushed when I asked what his friends would say if they found out, only saying that they would be surprised.

Not that he has much to be ashamed of. Robert has been working out since he was 16 and it definitely shows. "Solid" was the word that kept coming to mind to describe him. Not just his chest and arms, but legs and ass that matched his thick build and what caught my eye when I first hit him up with the "How'd you like to do porn" line.

Robert thought he'd be nervous for his first time on camera. And he was starting out. After a few minutes, though, he tapped into his inner porn star and seemed to get into the groove of showing off his stuff, breathing heavily and quietly whispering "Fuck, yeah" while thick beads of precum leaked out of his dick.

After saving up for 4 days it wasn't a surprise that Robert was super horny. What was extra hot was seeing him looking into the camera as he built himself up, as if that was turning him on (more than the porn playing in the background). With a steamy climax, Robert gave the word that he was about the blow and let loose a pent-up load that covered his abs in cum.

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