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After his massage shoot, Oren jumped up from the table, announcing that he needed a shower.

"And I gotta pee like a race horse."

Not being one to pass up a chance at some behind-the-scenes footage, off we went to the bathroom while the camera was still rolling.

Oren's cock was still fluffed up and standing at half mast as he washed off his body. That big vein of his popping out lead to the obvious question of what girls think of it. And even what guys think when they see him naked at the gym. Tune in for the answers.

Among the topics of discussion: Oren's kinky BDSM side, what his friends would say if they found out he was doing gay porn, and a hilarious side-by-side comparison of Oren's arm, dick, torso, etc. with the "behemoth" giant dildo.

Oh, yeah. And a little insight into whether Oren would want to come back for a blowjob shoot. Fingers crossed on that one.

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