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Marks had been thinking about doing porn for a while. When he got hit up by a mutual friend who occasionally recruits guys for the site, the timing couldn't have been much better. Marks was just recently out of relationship with his fiance and jumped right on the opportunity to show his stuff to the world.

Marks is 23 y/o, a long-time football player, currently serving in our fine armed forces, and, from the sounds of it, causing all sorts of shenanigans in the barracks. He said that not many of his friends would be surprised he was going to try out for porn, being the one who would often end up naked at the parties.

He even talked a buddy into jerking off with him in a tent when they were out in the field together for three weeks. My kind of guy.

Marks held off from jacking off for a painful couple days before his shoot. His cumshot was impressive, too, squirting all the way off the side of the couch, and leaving every inch between soaked.

Tags: Big Cumshot, Blond, Auditions

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Runtime: 15:24

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