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Clay wasn't too sure about coming back for a happy-ending massage. I had mentioned it after his solo shoot and he politely said he'd "think about it." A couple weeks went by before his car broke down and suddenly the money sounded pretty good and I got a phone call from him.

In the mean time, Clay had told a couple friends about getting into porn who, in turn, "outed" him to a whole group of people one night out at the clubs. A few of them wanted to know how they could get in on the action, too, which probably greased the wheels of encouragement for Clay to take the next step.

This was two new experiences for Clay-- first happy-ending massage, and first time ever doing anything with a guy. If he was nervous about either he played it off pretty cool, perhaps willing himself over the mental leap he was taking.

Whatever was going through his head didn't seem to stop his dick from getting hard. Even as I was rubbing down his thick legs while he was face down, Clay's cock started growing from between them.

When he rolled over onto his back, it was just a few quick tugs before Clay was so rock hard that his dick looked like it might break off. I carefully teased him while massaging the rest of his body before wrapping my hands around the shaft to give Clay some release.

The climax came out of nowhere. With barely a warning, Clay lifted his head and let out a series of gasps while cum oozed down my hand and onto his pubes.

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