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This one takes us back a bit. You might call it something between "porn prequel" and "found footage" because I almost forgot I'd shot Derek once before his other scenes had come out.

Derek was going to college here in San Diego and, being a bit of a daredevil, decided to try something different. He hadn't told any of the guys in his fraternity about shedding his clothes for the world to see, but it sounded like it wouldn't have surprised many of them. They have a bit of a ritual that the pledges go through to ummm... enhance their brotherly bonds.

"Yeah, they had us all go in a room and we had to sit there and stroke together. The last guy to finish got a punishment," Derek explained. Then he added, without describing the punishment, "You didn't want to be last."

Seeing how turned on he was in this (his first) shoot and looking back at what transpired on camera after Derek was at first reluctant to do any guy-guy scenes at first made me wonder. Some of those frat house shenanigans and his obvious exhibitionist side might have been foreshadowing to Derek's chance to explore some of his curiosities.

He was so turned on that almost as soon as he got the thumbs up for the cumshot, Derek was ready to go. Grabbing the base of his cock with one hand, and stroking faster with the other, Derek let out some breathy moans leading up to a creamy load that erupted from his dick and coated his pubes in a glistening pool of jizz.

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