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Brett is a small town midwestern guy who found his way out to San Diego through, you guessed it: the military. He's not too fond of life in the city, though, preferring "the cornfields" as he put it. Aside from lifting and working out, he likes the simpler stuff -- hiking and playing with his dogs.

Things happened with Brett quicker than usual. I'd contacted him on Thursday, and on Friday he was walking through the door. Shedding his clothes on camera was something he'd thought about off-and-on for a few years, so when the opportunity came up he figured, why not?

When I asked him, Brett said that he gets a lot of comments on his rosy cheeks. He grinned sheepishly, blushing even more at the attention. Brett seemed to hate them; the rest of us love them.

Brett said that his buddies would probably be surprised to hear he was getting into porn. Listening to his story from the high school football lockeroom made me think otherwise.

"There were about 6 of us," he started. "One guy whipped out his dick. Then another guy pulled out his. Things kind of escalated from there and we ended up all beating off together. I got peer-pressured into it," Brett added with a laugh.

Brett was a little nervous starting out, but warmed up quickly to the cameras and started getting into showing off. When the camera came in for a close-up, he couldn't help breaking out a big smile, as if in disbelief that he was jerking off for the world to see.

As Brett ramped himself up to the finish line, it was hot to see him pull his legs back, spread eagle with a nice view of his balls and ass crack. And, wow, what a build up it was. If his cheeks were rosy before, they were popping red right before he unloaded a thick load onto his stomach.

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