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Paul was in a bit of a crunch with money and thought he'd try to make some extra cash doing porn. He had sent in an application, but his phone had broken and couldn't send in the pics to go with it. I figured it wouldn't hurt to meet up with him in person to take the pics at the studio.

He was pretty nervous and wound-up over taking his clothes off in front of the camera -- even just for the still photos. But he seemed motivated to try and make a little cash and asked if he could do anything that day. I set up the cameras, threw on some porn for him and let Paul go at it in a qwicky shoot.

Paul's a thin guy with all natural body hair. I'm not a size queen when it comes to dicks, but it was a little impressive to see how thick his got once he was hard based on what I'd seen when he was soft. Those skinny white boys can surprise you.

Another surprise was the size of his cumshot. He was pretty quiet when the moment came, but a good handful of powerful shots left his chest dripping with cum.

Tags: Big Cumshot, Auditions, Qwicky

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Runtime: 8:59

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