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Oliver had only been thinking about doing porn for a few days, but when his mind was made up he did a bunch of research, made sure to get all the right photos for his application, and sent in an enthusiastic email saying he wanted to give it a shot. He even convinced his girlfriend to let him try it out. She agreed, since it was, "just a solo video."

When Oliver showed up, he just started peeling off his clothes. Ready to get to work, apparently. After explaining that he'd be getting naked soon enough, I started asking him about why he decided to make the leap and show off his stuff to the world.

"I wanted to see what all the fuss was about," he said with a laugh. "It sure as hell looks like fun on the screen, and I wanted to try my hand at what it'd be like on the other side of the computer screen."

As we started shooting, it was hard to tell if Oliver was eager to make a good first impression, or being a bit flirty. I tested the waters by giving his dick a few strokes during the shoot and he barely flinched. It had been a while since he last jerked off, so it seemed like the attention was welcome.

Out came the ol' measuring tape. Oliver looked confused at first as he was getting sized up, and then a grin crept across his face, saying that he'd always wondered how big around his cock was. I grabbed the lube and asked if he wanted to make some extra cash. It took all of two seconds for Oliver to agree.

He closed his eyes and pulled his arms behind his head. Oliver's body started twitching and clenching up as he got closer to cumming, until finally his whole upper body was shaking and he started gasping that he was going to finish. A spray of cum flew out and coated Oliver's stomach as he lay on the couch, panting and convulsing.

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