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Brock is a recent transplant to San Diego from the east coast. We met a few weeks ago when I stopped in at the local shop he'd been working. So Cal, he mentioned, is a great place to live, but a lot more expensive than he realized, and added that he was looking for a second job to make ends meet. Seeing the opportunity, I slipped him a card.

At 23 y/o, Brock hadn't thought a lot about doing porn until the past couple months - the timing of our meeting couldn't have been better! He admitted that he's not really one to go out of his way to show off his body, but said that he feels comfortable enough in his skin to give it a try. He laughed when I asked what his friends would say if they found out: "They'd probably be pretty surprised."

Being a wrestler through high school and part of college, it's not as if he's shy about getting naked. He and his teammates, like many wrestlers, were a tight group. Once, at an out-of-town meet, he and handful of other guys on the team decided on a whim to do a circle jerk.

"It was just a one-time thing," Brock said, "but it was fun."

I'm sure his teammates, as I was, were impressed with how thick Brock's cock is. At 6 1/2" around, it's a beer can! And as soon as he pulled it out it was starting to get hard.

Brock usually jerks off every other day or so, preferring to "build it up." When he told me that he'd hooked up with his girlfriend the night before, he must have known what I was thinking because he quickly added that it wouldn't matter. He wasn't kidding, either. Brock's chest and stomach were dripping with cum when it was all said and done.

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