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After his solo, as I do with most of the guys, I had told Logan about the happy-ending massage shoot. He was in town at the time for some military training and when a couple weeks had gone by I figured he'd decided against it before heading home.

Maybe it was curiosity; maybe just a chance to try something new while his wife was on the other side of the country. Lo and behold, the day before he was scheduled to leave, I got an email asking if the offer was still standing. Well, duh!

Logan's only other massage was a "couples" one with his wife. And despite being on overseas deployments to places that are known for their happy-ending rub-downs, he'd never gone to get one.

Besides popping his massage cherry, Logan had also never done anything with a guy before and seemed a little edgy about that when he showed up. Trying to break the ice, I asked how he was feeling about everything .

Logan grinned with a knowing look is his eye, saying simply, "Going with it. It's just a massage, right?"

After positioning himself on the massage table, I'd thought it might take some time until Logan started relaxing and enjoying the ride. It did: about 2 minutes, and then his uncut cock started getting hard from between his legs.

Rolling over onto his back, Logan's shaft stood at full attention and pulsated every time my hands ran down his body and came close to touching it. I teased him a while like that, giving his cock a few rubs, playing with his foreskin and balls.

Logan lay silently for most of the shoot, and I let him quietly indulge in whatever fantasy was running through his head. As I picked up the pace stroking him, he let out a deep gasp. Within a minute, Logan's body clenched up, saying aloud that he was about to cum, while massive streams shot out of his cock, leaving him soaked in jizz all the way up to his neck.

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