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Taylor has a friend who'd done some porn work on another site and had been goading Taylor to take the plunge, too. He wasn't sure about it, though, and gave it several months of thought before one thing lead to another and finally gave in to what I would say is something he secretly wanted to do all along.

He is one tall, lean guy, standing at 6' 3". And not hurting in the dick size department, either, pulling out 8 inches from behind his jeans. Taylor identifies as "bi" and has played around in both fields, but I definitely got the feeling that he's into guys a bit more. When I asked him about some of his sexual exploits, they tended to involve (air quotes) "str8 guys" he's fooled around with at his military base.

Taylor admitted he was a little nervous for his porn debut, but clearly leaned more toward excited. It took him barely a minute before unleashing his inner porn star, proudly brandishing his big dick for the camera.

He normally rubs one out at least once a day and held off for a day before coming over. It may have been the pent-up energy, or (I'm guessing) the excitement of showing off in front of the camera for the first time, but Taylor's load was under high pressure, shooting all the way up and hitting him in face.

"How's it taste?" I asked.

Without missing a beat, Taylor wiped up a dab of cum and stuck his finger in his mouth. "Salty!" he said with a laugh.

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