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It'd been almost two years since Lance had been in touch when, out of the blue, he sent a text: "Hey, think we could do another BJ video?"

Since I'd last seen him, Lance has started growing into his early manhood and is actually embracing his furry bod (go back and compare how he looks now to when he first showed up on the site!) Apparently, he's also started to appreciate the fact that when it comes down to it, hey… guys give pretty good head.

When Lance showed up, the bulge behind his jeans signaled that he was horny and ready to roll. I could barely keep his clothes on him once the cameras started rolling; Lance was undressing himself in anticipation.

One of the things Lance found out in his sexual explorations here was that he liked his ass licked. He didn't actually say as much, but when I pushed his legs back Lance instinctively grabbed them from behind his knees, pulling them back further to give me access to his hairy hole.

Lance moaned appreciatively when I rubbed my fingers against his ass, so I lubed one up and slowly started slipping it inside. It was a tight fit, for sure, and the expressions on Lance's face made that clear. But it was also clear that he didn't want me to stop, so I got him up on all fours to keep finger-fucking him and eating his tasty bubble butt.

Lance's cock seemed to be on a hair trigger and when he rolled back over to get finished off, his dick was rock hard. I slid a finger past his balls and rubbed his ass which was starting to push him over the edge. Lance's "O face" is one of my favorites; the intensity is so hot. As he writhed on the couch, Lance blurted out that he was about to cum in a climax that looked like it was two years overdue.

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