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There are lots of things to like about Nash. One of them is that he is always horny. The day he showed up for this shoot was no different-- I swear, he was already pitching a tent in his shorts when he walked through the door, so I wasted no time getting to work.

Nash wasted no time telling me how he wanted things done, either.

"Right here," he said, pointing to his nipple. "Play with them." (That should be an answer to those of you who've emailed in asking if he likes his nipples played with!)

He'd already mentioned that he loved getting rimmed which was music to my ears. I couldn't wait to push his legs back and bury my tongue between his cheeks. When Nash flipped over onto all fours, it was like a slice of heaven. Clearly, it was for both of us! Nash moaned in pleasure and appreciation.

By the time he stood up, Nash was in full-throttle mode. He grabbed the back of my head and started jack-hammering my mouth with his cock. Nash might not have the biggest dick in the world, but he certainly knows how to use it.

I took a cue, knowing that Nash's nipples were wired to his cock, and spent time making sure they weren't ignored. And it was one last tweak to them that pushed him over the edge. Cum time came in a super intense orgasm. Nash thrusted his hips and blasted his stomach in thick globs of jizz.

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