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It took about 2 months from the time I first met Marek until he was able to make it in for a shoot. His work schedule aside, all that body hair you see now was basically a 5 o'clock shadow. So we waited to let it grow in. (I know how much you guys hate the shavers.)

Marek is 26 y/o, a military guy, and hails from a small, rural town in the midwest. At 6' 4" he's a guy who commands some presence in the room. He said he was excited about his first time doing porn, and I asked what made him decide to make the leap.

"I thought it'd be fun. I have a lot of time on my hands," he answered simply, adding with a laugh, "What's stopping me from doing it?"

Not a damn thing! He's got a big dick; it's fairly proportional to his body, so you might be deceived by looking at it.

Marek is a bit of a leaker and really got into showing off his pre-cum, making glistening strings between his fingers. He's also not a guy with a "hair trigger" dick, so the lead-up to the cumshot was quite intense. He jumped onto his knees and milked every last drop on the couch with a loud, gasping finish.

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Runtime: 15:48

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