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When I hit Lucas up with the massage idea he was all for it. He'd never gotten a massage, though, and hadn't done anything with a guy before so he was breaking new ground on two fronts. I was happy to be the one to take this 18 y/o str8 boy into new territory.

As I rubbed down Lucas' back and migrated toward his muscular ass, I could see right away that he was starting to get hard between his legs. I spread his thick thighs and pulled his cock through while oiling up and rubbing his hairy ass crack, letting my hands move across his stiffening shaft.

When Lucas turned over his 8-inch cock was at full attention. I oiled up his thick chest and ran my hands from his torso down to just graze past his cock, giving Lucas a little tease.

Lucas' eyes tightened shut as I eventually wrapped my hands around his dick. I could feel it swelling up and knew that with just a few strokes he would explode so I played slowly for a few minutes before ramping up the stroking.

Lucas' whole body began tightening. He raised his head briefly, looking down at his cock. Lucas then let out a series of deep moans while streams of cum shot up his chest and soaked his stomach.

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