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Sean's back and was ready to get right to business. He showed up with a 3-day load stored up in his balls, and a big bulge behind his jeans. Going commando, he thought, would make things go smoother, too. Sean was obviously ready for the task at hand.

As I unleashed his thick cock, it sprung to full attention the second my lips were wrapped around it. Sean watched intently as his dick was getting worked over.

Remembering how Sean liked some ass play, I pushed his legs back and lubed up a finger to rub his tight hole. Sean responded with an audible gasp, grabbing his own legs behind the knees to pull them back further.

Sean got up on all fours to give me full access to his ass, spreading his meaty cheeks to rim and finger his hole. He buried his head into the bedspread and backed down on my finger until it was knuckle deep inside him.

I had Sean stand up and tried to take his cock all the way to the base. Sean smirked at first, knowing it was a challenge. But his facial expression quickly changed as his head rolled back and he squeezed his eyes shut, grabbing the back of my head, face fucking me and slapping his cock across my mouth.

It was about time to finish this str8 Marine off. Sean lay back on the bed and closed his eyes as I pushed a finger back up his ass and worked my mouth up and down his cock. Out of nowhere, Sean announced that he was going to cum, followed by him shouting, "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" as dollops of thick white jizz splattered all over his stomach. It was so intense, I thought Sean was going to wriggle right off the side of the bed!

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