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Brett heard about the chance to make some cash showing his dick to the world through a friend of his and, apparently, had told a bunch of his other military buddies about it, too.

It's one of the bonuses of the Auditions. Ya never know if a guy might refer someone who could be one of SW's next stars.

Brett is 23y/o and, although he's straight and married ("for the moment," as he puts it), seems a little on-the-fence about his sexual boundaries. I asked if he had ever been with a guy before. After thinking about it a second he replied:

"I've been with a tranny once. I didn't have to do anything...," he trails off, motioning to his crotch. "Just came in, did some anal and bounced."

Turns out that Brett is really into anal stimulation and likes to get his ass licked. Not to mention shoving a finger up there when he gets the chance. And, as you'll see, his dick really swells up once he starts finger-fucking himself.

Tags: Stocky/Husky, Auditions

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