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Robbie is a 22y/o South Dakota boy who came out to San Diego for "work." It's not too hard figure what that means since he has the name of his employer tattooed on his arm.

He's a str8 guy and describes himself as "pretty much your average jock," playing football, baseball, and wrestling through high school. These days he spends a lot of time working out and chasing "cougars" with his younger brother. They've even tag-teamed a few together.

I met Robbie online and it was a few months before I got a call about doing a video. He had told a few friends about it and they were the ones who talked him into it. I guess he was the guinea pig of the group.

Even though he played it off fairly cool, Robbie was a little nervous making his porn debut. But in the end he comes through with a massive load. He even needed a second cum towel to clean up the mess on his stomach!

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