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When Oliver heard about the massage shoots, he was all about doing one. As he put it, he likes happy endings, so why not? His girlfriend, when she heard he was coming back, wasn't quite as enthusiastic.

It wasn't too much a surprise to hear that he'd never gotten an erotic rub-down before, not even in foreplay. But he hadn't even gotten a regular massage, despite his years of playing soccer. We were checking off a couple new experiences for him that day.

Speaking of soccer, all that running paid off by giving Oliver his bubble butt. With him laying face down on the table, it was hard to not spend the whole time rubbing down his ass. When my hands did find their way to his crack, Oliver lifted his hips slightly, giving access to his tight hole. Oliver's cock peeked out from between his legs.

Giving his front side a turn, Oliver's cock was already halfway hard. Letting my hands glide by and giving it a few teasing tugs, he was getting harder by the second. I pushed his legs open and slid a finger between his ass cheeks which brought him up to a full raging boner.

I slathered more oil on his cock and balls, letting it drip to the hand fingering his hole. Slowly ramping up the stroking, Oliver's body responded by clenching up; his hips thrusting into my waiting fists. Oliver gave one last gasp, saying he was about to finish, and a thick load of cum erupted and oozed down my hands.

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