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Mickey sent in an application a couple years ago, but thought it would be better to wait until after he'd gotten out of the military. Recently released from duty, it was actually his girlfriend who told him he should get back in touch and do the shoot. And, in a show of support, she came along and sat in the background to take in the show.

They have a pretty active and experimental sex life; swinging, partner swapping, etc. Mickey said with a laugh that this would be the first time in about four months that he's jerked off, "Using my own two hands." It was going to be kind of treat for him.

Well, there were other plans in the work. Ahead of time, I'd asked his girlfriend what she'd think if he got a "surprise handjob." She thought it would be hot, liking to see her guy a little out of his element.

Mickey got the fun of pleasuring himself for the majority of the shoot, but toward the end I reached in to give him a few tugs. A little taken aback, he leaned over and asked his girlfriend if it was okay to let me finish him off.

He must have been extra horny because Mickey was ready to blow in about a minute. His whole body convulsed on the couch as he got close to cumming, and in the final stretch, moaned loudly as a pool of cum landed on his pubes.

Tags: Helping Hand, Hairy, Blond, Auditions

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