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Terrence is a tall, lean So Cal surfer dude who had been looking for ways to make some extra cash. After a few of his friends mentioned that he should give porn a shot, he gave it a long thought and figured, "Why not?" and sent in an application.

Terrence was a bit on the nervous side for his big debut. His dick, on the other hand, was all ready to go as soon as he unzipped his shorts. I got the feeling that he might have been downplaying the thrill he was having of showing his cock to the world.

He has a fairly active jerk-off schedule, going a couple times a day, and getting up to seven loads rubbed out at his peak. Jerking off at home is typical, but Terrence's favorite thing to do is to jack off in public places.

"Yeah, I'll duck into an alley and finish myself off," he laughed. "I know it's illegal, but I've never really been a fan of the 5-0, and I like to mess around."

Terrence couldn't remember how long it'd been since the last time he busted a nut; a couple days he thought. However long it had been, it was enough. Terrence had to work pretty hard to get up to the finish line, but the intensity getting there was worth it. And the load that resulted left his torso completely dripping with cum.

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