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Get your giddy-up ready. Wayne is a 20 y/o country boy I'd been talking with for at least the past couple months before the stars aligned and he made it in for his first porn shoot.

I'm not sure if it was nerves that were holding him back or genuine "busy-ness." Regardless, I was glad he finally made the leap. He showed up complete with cowboy boots, a shiny belt buckle, and some tight-fitting jeans that showed off a big bulge in his crotch. His southern drawl was just icing on the cake.

Wayne actually did rodeo through high school, along with football and baseball. He only told one buddy about coming by, but said he'd thought about doing porn for years.

"Hell, ever since I started watching porn I thought, 'Now that guy's livin' the life.'"

He left nothing to chance and decided to save up a 3-day load which, Wayne admitted, was quite a feat considering he jacks off 2-3 times a day. It paid off. From the moment he unleashed his thick, uncut cock it was starting to get hard and within seconds he was sporting a full-on boner that he proudly showed off for the camera.

Once he got the thumbs up for the cumshot, Wayne set off for the gold, fiercely pounding his cock while his big balls bounced along. If Wayne's heaving breathing wasn't enough, his tightening ball-sack was a giveaway that he was about to bust. One big squirt flew wild and the rest left a big puddle on his pubes as Wayne panted with pleasure.

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