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Karl had so much fun showing off during his solo shoot that he actually got in touch with me to see about setting up the next shoot. I'd told him about the happy-ending massage scene and he seemed to need a few minutes to think it over. Or maybe just wanted to give the impression that he was thinking it over.

It took a couple weeks, but once the shoot was scheduled he sent a text saying that he was going to show up a bit earlier than what we'd planned on. Karl admitted he was nervous, but excited at the same time. His only other massage was with a girl, and that was just a "regular" one, so we were popping two cherries: his first massage from a guy and his first happy-ending.

Once he was on the table, it only took a few passes by his ass before his cock was already swelling. That was the magic button. Karl was rock hard and getting harder every second, so I spent some extra time spreading his cheeks and rubbing his hole.

Turned over onto his back, Karl's cock was ready to go. Almost too much, because after a few minutes of getting a two-hand stroke he had to stop me from pushing over the edge.

Obviously, it wasn't going to take much to bring Karl up to the grand finale. Especially knowing where his happy spot was. I stuck a finger into his ass and ramped up the pace.

"Fuck, yeah," Karl whispered, "just like that."

And it didn't take long after that. In a matter of seconds, Karl's nut was dripping down my hand.

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