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To say that Rich has some history with the site would be an understatement. He first showed up almost 5 years ago. Flash forward and he finally agreed to get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time.

Rich made the initial leap with a massage scene and even after that it took him a while to take the next step. After seeing his reaction (read: satisfaction) during this shoot, I'm sure he was wondering why he waited so long.

Rich's cock was primed and ready no sooner than his shorts came off. The second my mouth was wrapped around the shaft, he was rock hard and already grunting with pleasure. He was practically on the edge when he straddled my face to fuck my mouth, his hips thrusting his cock down my throat.

He'd always been timid about showing off his ass. With Rich on all fours and a tongue rimming his virgin hole, that seemed to be a slice of heaven he never expected either.

Rich said he wanted to finish standing up. No problem by me. As he grabbed my head and crammed his dick down my mouth, it only took a couple minutes before his moaning got louder. Rich thrust his head back and released a massive load, soaking my face and chest.

Tags: Oral, Uncut, Muscular, Hung

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Runtime: 18:11

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