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Now that Koury has whetted his appetite with his long-time dream of doing porn, he contacted me about coming back for a BJ. If you've been following along, you've probably noticed that Koury prefers a good dick sucking to a handjob (or even fucking, he mentioned off-camera). And since most of the girls he hooks up with are reluctant to try to deep throat his 8-incher, guess who's become his "go-to guy" when Koury gets horny? (wink)

Koury has been expanding his sexual repertoire since his first shoot, too. For a guy who didn't like his ass played with at first, he seems to have taken a 180. After getting his cock hard with my mouth, I pushed Koury's legs back and buried my tongue in his hole, causing him to grab my head and push it in deeper.

It was definitely a challenge, but taking Koury's dick down to the base became one of the goals of the day. And Koury might have been more determined than I was to force it down my throat. He might look like an innocent guy, but when it comes to sex he wasn't going to let a little gagging slow things down!

Getting Koury to cum is all about the rhythm. Once we found it, I opened wide, wrapped my lips around the shaft and let him go to town face fucking me. Without much notice, Koury let out a gasp as cum sprayed all over.

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