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Hugh reminds me a little bit of Dennis the Menace. Not just 'cos of the flip in his blond hair, but in his personality, too. The curious or slightly mischievous kind of guy who'd try anything once. Or maybe twice, just to be sure about it.

Hugh is 20 y/o and a military transplant from the Midwest, soaking up the weather and exploring his wilder sexual side while out here in So Cal. When he was approached about doing porn, Hugh jumped at the chance since it's something he'd been thinking about since high school.

In the normal chit-chat when we first meet, the inevitable question comes up: "Why do want to do porn?" Usually, the response is related to money or liking the idea of showing off. Hugh's response came without a moment of hesitation:

"I just like sex."

Fair enough. And with that, Hugh set the stage for a sexually-charged shoot. He was obviously turned on by being in front of the camera and was flirting hard the whole time. Seemed like there was something that needed to be done about that, so, needless to say, I pulled out the ol' measuring tape to get the "Official Measurements" (cough cough).

When I offered him some extra cash to get stroked off, Hugh was ready to roll with the sudden change of plans without missing a beat. I kinda wondered later if this was actually his plan the whole time!

For a guy who normally jerks off 5 times a day, I didn't quite expect the explosive load Hugh was packing. And he's a vocal one. As I worked his cock up to an intense finish, Hugh's whole body clenched up and stream after stream of cum coated his chest.

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