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Owen is Dean's elusive roommate. He's the one who originally came up with the idea for the two of them to do porn. Of course Dean was all gung-ho, but it took a minute for Owen to work up the nerve.

Even though we'd hung out socially and Owen seemed ready to shed his clothes, once the cameras turned on homeboy was NERVOUS. And I mean that in a "deer-in-the-headlights-hot" kind of way.

TMI? I've jerked off to this video a bunch of times before I even started editing it. Owen is totally my type. Big ol' cornfed midwestern boy.

And he's definitely not hurting in the dick size department, either. Owen's had a few girls comment on how thick his cock is. When he admitted that he'd never measured it… well, that was my cue to pull out the measuring tape. (wink)

Tags: Blond, Muscular, Stocky/Husky, Auditions

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Runtime: 15:44

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