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Dean is the only guy who's ever done a shoot and really needed to keep his glasses on. On first glance, they're pretty bookish/nerdy. But then I noticed that the frames were from a very popular brand that starts with the letter O.

So... "nerdy cool?"

Regardless, Dean comes from a dinky little town in the south and found his way out to San Diego by way of... you guessed it: US Marine Corps.

He actually heard about the chance to make some cash jerkin' off a few months ago and is just now stepping up to the plate. But it all happened within a couple hours. An email in the morning turned into a shoot just a few hours later.

Dean's dick was literally hard from the moment his pants came off and already leaking a bunch of pre-cum. Watch carefully and you'll see another big drip when his dick gets measured. Makes ya wonder...

Since he had saved up a few days it's one helluva nice cumshot, too.

Oh yeah, and I'm sure you're wondering... that odd bandage on his side is from a spider bite he got while camping earlier in the week. Str8 guys. Gawd love 'em.

Tags: Big Cumshot, Stocky/Husky, Auditions

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