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Carson is a thick and stocky Marine who's been thinking about shedding his clothes on camera for a while. He's actually been approached a few times about being in porn, but he decided to drop trou' and make his debut right here.

He's a bit of a gym rat and going through his "bulking up" phase so he might not appeal to everyone, being a bigger guy. He was about to start his trimming phase and I'm curious to see how he looks in a couple months.

Carson was a little on the nervous side getting naked. He was really worried about not being hard enough, but his dick was swollen to the max as soon as he started lubing up. It took him a minute to bust, but he shot a nice load.

His buddy kept calling while he was working his way up to cumming, so I stuck on a little out-take at the end where he answered the phone and was talking with the guy while jerking off.

Tags: Stocky/Husky, Auditions

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