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"Now all I need is a big steak, a cold beer, and a man's life is made."

Not too tall of an order from Casey after his solo shoot.

I found this footage while editing Casey's "toy" scene. After busting a load, covered in sweat and cum, he showed off some of his upper-body strength on the pull-up bar. Then, off to the shower to clean up.

Casey admits that he's attracted the most to older women and explains how he defines a "cougar" as someone who's 35 and goes after him.

"Even if it's a guy?" I asked.

"I don't know what a 35y/o guy would be called. Maybe a lion?"

There's also a bit of a shout-out to a certain member who found out Casey was coming to town and was pretty excited to possibly meet him. Even though it didn't work, Casey was flattered.

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