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Tim called up to see about doing another shoot. Clearly, he's gotten a lot more relaxed about getting naked on camera since he's now initiating the next move (or movie, as it may be).

Tim said that he had never used a sex toy before, but when he heard about the Flesh Light he seemed pretty anxious to try it out. He's definitely got a big enough dick to fill it up nicely.

It took a minute for Tim to get his groove on, but after lubing up and shoving his cock inside he was even suggesting positions he wanted to try! His fave? Bracing it against the couch so he could pound his hips into it.

After laying back and busting a nut onto his stomach, Tim said he liked the Flesh Light so much that he asked if he could take it home with him. But what was his girlfriend going to think if she finds it?

Tim laughs, "She's going to be jealous."

Tags: Fleshlight, Hung, Redhead/Ginger

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