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Matt is 25y/o and a former professional boxer who just moved to San Diego from Texas. He was kind of stoic and short-answered during our pre-shoot chat, so I figured he was feeling nervous. To break the ice a little, I asked what he was thinking about his first time being in porn.

"I like it. This shit's tight!"

I've never heard it put quite like that before, but at least we found out that he wasn't as nervous as I had thought.

After warming up to the camera a bit, Matt's true jack-off style started showing through. He clearly likes playing with his balls and having them pulled while stroking his dick. He also likes being on his knees when he cums and asked if he could bust onto the couch that way.

And just to make sure he wasn't going to be "firing blanks" he kept his hands out of his pants and didn't jack off for 5 whole days before coming over. And WOW did it pay off! This is one of the most enthusiastic and explosive cumshots on the whole site. I almost fell over while filming it. You're going to want to watch this one over and over again.

Tags: Big Cumshot, Hairy, Muscular

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