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20y/o Josh was referred to me by a friend who had met him online. He just moved to California from his home state of Texas on a whim, and told me he was "excited and a little scared" about being in porn. He seems like the kind of guy who is willing to try anything once if it sounds fun.

Josh originally told me he was ''bi-curious,'' but it turned out he was probably more bi than ''curious'' and liked talking about the kind of guys he's into. He also picked out a gay porn dvd to watch, so you be the judge.

He has some dirty little stories about having sex with an ex-boyfriend in front of a bunch of guys at a bathhouse. I asked him what he gets into sexually and he flashed a wide grin.

"I like to get tied up. I like it when a guy takes complete control, ties me up, and does whatever he wants."

Even though Josh gets turned on by being watched, this was his first time in front of a camera so he was a little nervous during the first part of the shoot. It definitely doesn't stop him from putting on a nice show. He ends up squirting a giant load all over his stomach and all the way up to his neck!

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