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Tyler's first shoot was so hot, I really wanted to bring him back. I thought I'd see how he'd like shoving his 18 y/o fratboy cock into the Ice Jack. He's tried a sex toy once before but, in his words, "Nothing as good as this."

Last time, Tyler had jacked off the night before, but this time he saved up for a few days. He was rock hard in a matter of seconds and even told me he was going to have to pace himself or he was going to blow too soon.

After fucking the IceJack in a bunch of different positions, he lays back and blasts a massive load that flies up to his shoulder.

"Fuck! I barely missed my face."

Tyler was so horned up and liked the IceJack so much, after taking a 15 minute break he wanted to go for another round and shoots another giant cumshot out onto the sheets, earning him the nickname, "Two Shot Tyler."

Tags: Fleshlight, Big Cumshot, Stocky/Husky

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