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Tyler is my new fave. He's an 18y/o str8 guy, a California native, going to college here in So Cal who took a little convincing to do a jerk-off video. Not that he's shy about being on camera; he just wasn't sure the guys in his fraternity would think it was cool.

He's got a beefy build and a dude-ish voice that almost seems like it doesn't match what you'd expect him to sound like. He's big into BMX trick riding and suffered a minor crash a couple days before coming over. (You might even see the little bruise on him from it).

I asked Tyler to "save up" for a day or two before the shoot, which he didn't do. Turned out he had jerked off the night before. But apparently it didn't matter cos when he cums it flies all the way up to his neck. And if one giant cumshot isn't enough, he took about a 15-minute break and blew a second mega load all over my coffee table.

Will Tyler be back in the future? You can definitely count on it.

Tags: Big Cumshot, Stocky/Husky

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